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Victoria and Oliver

Posted: 3rd October 2013

Victoria and Oliver were married at the beautiful Matara near Tetbury. It was a freezing cold March day (2013), the water in the ponds was frozen! But they decided to grit their teeth and go for the outdoor wedding they had dreamed of. I was delighted as it's such a gorgeous setting for an outdoor ceremony!

Clifton Life Magazine

Posted: 23rd February 2013

I'm happy to have another of my photos in this month's Clifton Life Magazine

Jennifer and Andy

Posted: 11th February 2013

Bob and Damien

Posted: 1st February 2013

Susannah and Dan

Posted: 30th January 2013

Susannah and Dan had a beautiful ceremony at Christ Church in Clifton, Bristol. After the ceremony, we stopped at the Clifton Suspension bridge for some photos. Susannah and Dan were up for anything so we went on a bit of a trek up the path above the bridge and then walked across it too.

The reception was at the Hope Centre which had been beautifully decorated by Susuannah and friends. The meal was a fantastic beef wellington served by a nominated calver on each table!

Susannah is a very talented musician in a band and treated all her guests to some brilliant saxophone playing after the first dance.

"The photos are too good so we're having a whole load of indecision..."


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